Our Food

Fresh, Natural, Healthy

Good foods & the natural way for your health

The ingredients used are sourced as ethically and locally as possible. We can guarantee that we avoid preservatives and obscure chemicals, because we offer you only the best wholesome Korean cuisine such as Bibimbap which contains steamed rice that is mixed with a variety of fresh vegetables; bean sprouts, carrots, spinach and much more with ground beef (or prawns/salmon), red pepper paste and sesame oil. It is also available in the vegetarian version.

The side dishes are mainly fresh healthy vegetables such as Namul which consists of vegetables such as radishes, bean sprouts and spinaches that are all seasoned with salt and sesame oil.

There is also Kimchi, a famous Korean side dish that uses radish or cucumbers fermented in red pepper and sea salts, to give a refreshing sensation that will cause explosions in your mouth with a highly enrichment of vitamin C.

In addition, our organic pear juice and organic apple juice are prepared to quench your thirst. Not forgetting our Ginseng tea which has a delicate aroma and a sweet sensation. Ginseng is a nourishing stimulant that has energy boosting qualities and medicinal effects on such issues as high blood pressure, diabetes and exhaustion.

The ingredients used in all the dishes are fresh, healthy and natural. We aim to provide you and your lifestyle a healthy kick with the addition of delicious tastes.

Sizzling Korean BBQ

Freshly Grilled Korean Barbecue

One of CEENA’s unique dishes that we offer to you is the Fresh Sizzling BULGOGI.
Bulgogi is made from rib eye slices (or boneless chicken) that are mixed with scallions, onions and then marinated in our unique CEENA sweet barbecue sauce to enhance their flavour and tenderness.

Hot off the grill, it is bound to give you an amazing culinary experience. Especially with the unique CEENA sweet barbeque sauce, the combination of the delicate spicing with the intense heat of the grill will leave your mouth watering and wanting more.

Who are we?

The birth of CEENA

CEENA came together as a way to introduce Korean food in a healthy, sizzling and tasteful way. CEENA is one of the first restaurants to take original Korean food and put it to the fast food market segment.

We are the first and only restaurant chain that specializes in making the Korean food right in front of your eyes and give it to you straight away.

CEENA hopes to put itself into the global market and open shops in Europe, North America and Asia to introduce these unique tastes and experiences to various people.

We are proud to be the FIRST Korean fast food chain that offers healthy, hot and sizzling food in an environmentally friendly way.

The name CEENA

The meaning of CEENA comes from a tree that is planted by streams of water, which yields its fruits in season and whose leaves do not wither, and blooms no matter what stands against it. Like this tree, we offer fresh food that has natural ingredients and environmentally friendly wrapping with the experience of eating in a refreshing atmosphere.

Helping the environment

We are here to help you help the world.

By the term ‘Helping the Environment’ we literally mean we are here to help you help the world.

In order to help the environment that is suffering from such problems as global warming, CEENA has decided to take environmentally friendly to another level.

How do you ask?

Well, we wrap our foods in an environmentally friendly way. The products we use are the kinds of environmentally friendly wrapping such as, biodegradable plastics, natural pulps and recycled papers.

Good idea you say?

Yes, we like to contribute to the environment as all our biodegradable plastics and natural pulp containers decompose after they have been thrown away.

Feel great that you will just be making the environment and yourselves happy by just working with us, the new environmentally friendly Korean fast food chain.

Why not join us in helping the environment too?